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Chief, Strategic Planning and Policy Service (D-1)

D-1 ($217,951.92/year)

SECURITY OFFICER (3 posts) (G-3)

G-3 (Not specified/year)


P-3 (Not specified/year)

UN Security jobs

All the positions advertised here are related to Security Field. Candidates who usually get these kind of positions in United Nations have previous experience in Police, Law Enforcement Agencies or Military Forces.

All UN Security jobs are posted under United Nations Secretariat. This means that these positions are filled via the UN Careers recruitment System Inspira

Recruitment process - steps

  1. Chose one of the above positions
  2. Read the description and pay special attention to the requirements
  3. If your profile matchs the position requirements, click Apply

This will take you to the Inspira System, where you can start your application process. If you don't have an account in Inspira, you should create one.

Any person from any nationality may apply for a United Nations Security position. Fluency in English or French is necessary.

For the G positions (General Staff), recruitment is done in local basis.