Les femmes à l'ONU

un women

There are brave women that risk their lives to help other persons and countries around the world.

These ladies carry on their shoulders the responsibility to represent not only the United Nations, but intrinsically their gender.

In most of peacekeeping operations, there is an effort to have at least 20% of female presence. Unfortunately, this minimum percentage is not always achieved. Recruiters and human resources officers struggle to find volunteer women to work in the field. The presence of women is not only desired, but essential.

Real Scenario

In one peacekeeping operation (by our policies, we will not mention the country), on lady comes crying to United Nations Police (UNPOL) office. She was raped while outside of the refugee camp. She starts crying and saying some words in local language, some words in the mission language. There are three male international police officers, with an average experience of around 20 years. By her body expression, it is clear that she is uncomfortable, ashamed, and does not want to talk.Then, a female UNPOL comes and take the victim to a private room. She calms down, tell her story, she receives medical attention and then investigations start.

In some situations, even the most experienced man would be in a bad position.

Work and passion

What I want to emphasize is, and this is my personal opinion of 5 years and half in missions, that the female presence is essential. By the host country side, women are the solid rock that maintain a minimum of dignity, respect and love for life. even in civil war scenarios. I've seen excellent work done by brave women, and I would mention for example MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) and the NGO "Human Rights 365".

The official position of the United Nations is to find more volunteer women to work in peacekeeping operations. There are several campaigns on the subject, but it is difficult to achieve and maintain a minimum of female presence in mission. The Unites Nations has excellent pages on the issue, and here I will put a very interesting infographic that you can find in their page:

Source: United Nations. www.un.org

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