The highest paid police officer in the world

Meet Stefan Feller, the German police officer who was appointed by the U.N. Secretary General (Mr. Ban Ki-Moon), on 18 April, 2013, as the United Nations Police Adviser in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

According to official sources, Mr. Feller has more than 38 years of professional experience in national and international policing, in particular strategic planning, operations and policy development. He served in the State Police of North-Rhine Westphalia for more than 21 years, where he rose to the rank of Director of Operations. Since 2000, Mr. Feller has pursued an international career in peacekeeping. Among other posts, he was the Police Commissioner in the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, the Head of the Police Unit in the Council of the European Union, and from 2008 to 2012, the Head of the European Union Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He studied at the College of Public Administration of North-Rhine Westphalia and completed a degree in public administration at the German Federal Police Academy.
In his career, he achieved the highest police specific position in U.N. system hierarchy: DPKO Police Adviser, (step 6 of a D-2 position). Above the D-2 position there are only the Under Secretary Generals and Ban Ki-Moon himself, the Secretary-General.

numbers of 2015 show a police component (UNPOL) of an approximately 13,000 manpower. Source:

His job

The Police Adviser post lies under the umbrella of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), whose current “chief” is the Under Secretary General Hervé Ladsous.
Mr. Feller’s job is of an important strategic value for United Nations, since his decisions in DPKO can have a direct impact on thousands of UNPOL members around the world, and consequently on millions of civilians under protection, refugees and the population of host countries where UNPOL acts.

An important job such this has an equivalent important payment. Mr. Feller’s annual salary is (gross)

US $238,502.69/year

Just for matters of comparison, it is the equivalent salary of 28 soldiers from Rio de Janeiro police force (US $8,363.00/year).

The salary scale of all United Nations Professional positions - from the P1 grade (entry) to the USG grade (Under Secretary General) - is available in the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) website, as well as the Post Adjustment Index, which is calculated over the Annual Net Income.

The net base salary of a D-2 job post, step VI is $124,512/year. The Post adjustment for New York duty station, as of September/2015 is 66.7% of the base salary. This gives us a final net salary of US $207,561.50/year.

Starting your career as UNPOL in United Nations can be the path to a very successful end, like Mr. Stefan Feller. Our website provides some useful information on how to join the United Nations Police. If you are not a police officer there are lots of different ways you can start your career in United Nations, for example, via Young Professionals Programme (YPP), General Staff (GS) positions of Field Service (FS) positions.

Because there are several agencies and several ways of joining U.N., the path can be (very) confusing in the beginning, but all the efforts seem to worth in the end of your career. Whichever your objectives are, we wish you good luck and keep visiting our website for more news and articles.

Be a Peacekeeper Team.


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