Audio - Second part instructions

These are the instructions that you will hear in the second part of the Combined Language Assessment (Listening and report writing).

You can read the transcripts above, but at first Try to understand the audio without reading.. It will be good for your listening skils.

Second part instructions - transcript

This is the second section of the UNPOL Combined Language Assessment. It is divided into two parts. In the first part you will hear one person describing the mission-related topic you have just read about in the Reading Comprehension – it will be introduced as the Narrative. In the second part, you will hear a conversation between two people who are discussing the same mission-related topic – it will be introduced as the Dialogue.

Please be reminded that the use of any computer devices, microphones, books, external notes or assistance from others is not permitted. Candidates who fail to observe appropriate conduct during this test will be excluded from the assessment process. Such actions will be duly noted and communicated in writing to the authorities of the Member State concerned and to the SAAT Coordinator in the UN Police Division.

You will be given a Report Writing Form and another Blank Sheet of paper. Take careful notes on the Blank Sheet of paper of both the Narrative and the Dialogue. Pay attention to the important facts and key information. You will hear the recording only one time.

Once the Narrative and Dialogue are finished, you will be asked to use your notes from both the Reading and the Audio parts to write your own complete police report.
You will have 30 minutes to complete your police report. The instructor will indicate when these 30 minutes begin. The instructor will then announce when there are 5 minutes remaining and when there is one final minute.
Please do not forget to write your full name and your individual test serial number clearly in the spaces provided on the Report Writing Sheet.

Good Luck!