Aircraft crashed in Juba, South Sudan - approximately 36 dead

A cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff in Juba, capital of South Sudan, killing dozens of persons.

On Wednesday morning (4), the Soviet era Antonov-12 pummeled into a grove of fruit trees on the sparsely populated east side of the Nile river, according to witnesses at the scene of the crash.

Minister of Transportation Kuong, Danhier Gatluak, stated that 36 people were killed, and more may be unaccounted for. Authorities are investigating the cause.

Presidential spokesman Ateny Wek Ateny told Al Jazeera the plane was heading for the Paloich oil fields in the north of the country.

Ateny said there were 18 people on board the aircraft when it crashed, including 12 South Sudanese, and six members of an Armenian and Russian crew.

He said three South Sudanese survived, including an infant, and 10 more people were killed on the ground.

Bodies were found on the muddy riverside along with the craft's cargo, rubber flip flops, medicine, tires, and cans of beer and energy drinks.

The front of the fuselage was destroyed and wings were torn off with propellers mangled in the mud.

According to Al Jazeera, only the tail, marked with the logo of Allied Services Limited, a Tajikstan charter company operating in South Sudan, was intact.


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