UN Security Officer vacancies - November 2015

Today I would like to share with you the United Nations vacancies in the Security Field. These positions usually are filled by former military or police officers. Women are always specially encouraged to apply.

By 1st of November we have 14 positions in the security field. Some of them are FS (field service) positions, and former/current UNPOLs usually match perfectly these vacancies, because they require previous international experience.
Also, for F positions, a high school diploma or equivalent technical or vocational certificate is enough by academic side.

5 mistakes you make when applying to United Nations jobs (#2 is very common)

1) You don’t read the requirements

People from all around the world are applying to the same position as you. If you don’t save some time to read all the job description, someone else will do. And your competitor will highlight
in his/her curriculum vitae exactly what the mission needs from him/her. Guess who will be shortlisted?

Some U.N. positions have a very high level of specialization required, and you may have it. But no recruiter in the world will be able to figure it out if you don’t explicitly show them your level of expertise.

United Nations opens rare low-experience professional vacancies (P1)

This is a clear opportunity for recently graduated professionals to start an international career in United Nations. Vacancies are in Geneva, Switzerland, and initial payment is around 85,000 USD/year (gross salary).

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Office at Geneva recently opened three rare P-1 level vacancies, for professionals who are willing to work in Switzerland. The Professional category in UN system ranges from P1 (lowest) to P5 (highest), in terms of experience and payment.

UNICEF opens roster to work on refugee and migrant children in Europe

Health and Nutrition, Communication, Communication for Development, Information Management and Education specialists are the professionals required to fill the new UNICEF roster due to refugee and migrant crisis in Europe.

All roster vacancies are P-3 and P-4 positions. In other words, a University Degree plus a minimum of five years of experience is required.

ICAO opens vacancy in Canada for English-Russian translators

If you are fluent in both Russian an English, this may be a good opportunity for you. Deadline is 16 Oct 2015.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recently published in their website a vacant post for Russian Language Officer.

As a member of a team led by the Chief, Russian Translation Section, the Translator/Reviser provides timely, accurate, and stylistically appropriate translations, applying his/her linguistic skills. He/She also revises texts translated by other translators (staff members, freelancers and consultants), ensuring accuracy and quality.


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