Applying for a U.N. job / position

After my last post, I’ve received lots of emails asking me how to apply for those U.N. jobs.

I myself went through this process several times; therefore I would like to share with you how to do it, in a simple language. If you believe your work experience is suitable to work in United Nations, and if you ever wanted a job with different people from different cultures, you’re in the right place.

Interview questions

These questions can be found in Human Resources official training material from United Nations Careers and HR website (

They are often used in interviews, be from UNPOLs or Professional positions. But don't scare! Usually they don't use more than 10 questions in a interview, as there is a time frame to be obeyed - around 45 minutes for P positions and 20 minutes for UNPOL SAAT (AMS) test.


Police English Words - Lesson 04

Having general knowledge of English is good, but not enough for SAAT / AMS.
You need to learn police words. In other words, the words that you use daily as a police officer, because:

1) In the language assessment, there are lots of them;
2) During the interview, when you will be talking about your job, you will need to use them.

So our team prepared some lessons that will help you on learning new police words.

Don't lose your time:

Start lesson 04 NOW!

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Tired of checking dozen of websites just to get an idea of available positions and salaries within United Nations?

Honestly, I was too. Each time I was looking for a Position in Inspira I should check ICSC for the base salary of the position and then calculate the post adjustment manually, to finally achieve the real gross salary.


Women's role in United Nations

un women

There are brave women that risk their lives to help other persons and countries around the world.

These ladies carry on their shoulders the responsibility to represent not only the United Nations, but intrinsically their gender.

In most of peacekeeping operations, there is an effort to have at least 20% of female presence. Unfortunately, this minimum percentage is not always achieved. Recruiters and human resources officers struggle to find volunteer women to work in the field. The presence of women is not only desired, but essential.

Real Scenario


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