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The salary of a peacekeeper

The United Nations payments system is very complex, because it pays lots of different persons, from national staff to directors and heads of mission.

Essentially, staff in a peacekeeping operation can be divided in three components: military, police and civilian.

Military salary

The Charter of the United Nations

A friend of mine was reproved in the interview because he didn't know how to answer one simple question, and it can be asked to you also:

What is the difference between the Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter?

First of all, if you don't know, take a look of the description of the United Nations Charter:

Police Words - Lesson 03

The verb "to arrest" is a word that you will use in your interview. Be you a patrolling officer or not, the verb to arrest and the expression under arrest should be in your vocabulary.

This criminal is under arrest. He was arresteb by police.

Check out this and other useful words we are bringing to you this week.

Police words - Lesson 02

Having general knowledge of English is good, but not enough for SAAT / AMS.
You need to learn police words. In other words, the words that you use daily as a police officer, because:

1) In the language assessment, there are lots of them;
2) During the interview, when you will be talking about your job, you will need to use them.

So our team prepared some lessons that will help you on learning new police words.

Don't lose your time:

Start lesson 02 NOW!


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