Police Words - Vocabulary for SAAT - AMS

Having general knowledge of English is good, but not enough for SAAT / AMS.
You need to learn police words. In other words, the words that you use daily as a police officer, because:

1) In the language assessment, there are lots of them;
2) During the interview, when you will be talking about your job, you will need to use them.

So our team prepared some lessons that will help you on learning new police words.

Don't lose your time:

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Phone Interview - Tips

1) Be ready all the time: After you completed your pre-deployment training and after your name was submitted to DPKO, you may be called anytime of the day, since the time zone differences between you and the mission area.

Phone Interview (Pre-deployment) questions

So you passed the SAAT / AMS (Assessment for mission service)!! Congratulations!! What's next?

After being approved in the SAAT / AMS, your name will be submitted via electronic facsimile to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, in New York. Then according to your results and according to the policy of your Permanent Mission (in NY), they will place you in the roster of possible mission deployments.

How I passed the SAAT/AMS test

I would like to share with you my personal story in the SAAT/AMS examination within United Nations.

Before becoming a SAAT Instructor, I joined a peacekeeping field mission just as you are willing to. Hence, I believe my experience can help you to achieve your objective.


If you are applying for a Seconded post in United Nations Police (non-contracted, temporary post), you will have to complete the Eletronic Application for Seconded Police (EASP).

Previously, for UNPOLS, the document was the Personal History Profile, also known as P11-form, or simply P11.
This document is still used for other types of applications in U.N. and in some missions.

It is the responsibilty of the Member State (your country) to provide you the EASP.

To check the document, you can also download it here, in the end of the page.

If you have never seen the document, please take one look in this example of filled form:



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