Segredos que a ONU está escondendo de você

Mesmo os que já trabalham na Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU) não conseguem explicar em detalhes a sua estrutura de recrutamento e seleção. E estas informações estão "escondidas" não porque a ONU quer, mas simplesmente devido à sua gigantesca estrutura, dividade e subdividida em incontáveis agências.

Militar esteve em dois países em guerra e voltou ao Brasil


Ilustração: Luiz Kubota

Phone Interview (Pre-deployment) questions

So you passed the SAAT / AMS (Assessment for mission service)!! Congratulations!! What's next?

After being approved in the SAAT / AMS, your name will be submitted via electronic facsimile to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, in New York. Then according to your results and according to the policy of your Permanent Mission (in NY), they will place you in the roster of possible mission deployments.

Audio - Second part instructions

These are the instructions that you will hear in the second part of the Combined Language Assessment (Listening and report writing).

You can read the transcripts above, but at first Try to understand the audio without reading.. It will be good for your listening skils.

Driving assessment

Unfortunately, lots of candidates who pass in the Comprehensive Language Assessment (English/French test), fail on the driving test.

The most common reasons of failure are:

* Inexperience with the model of the vehicle;
* Anxiety and stress;
* When you forget to adjust mirrors to have a better view of obstacles/cones;
* Time limit is reached;

The driving assessment consists of two parts: the handling exercise and the road exercise.

See Handling Exercise

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