English/French test

The Comprehensive Language Assessment (CLA), either in English or French, is by our experience, one of the tests most candidates fail.

The CLA is divided in three parts, and you should be prepared for all of them. The three parts are:

1) Reading Comprehension;

2) Report writing (which requires strong Listening skills);

3) Oral Interview;

Each one of these tests is done in elimination sequence. In other words, you will do the Report Writing test only if you pass in the reading comprehension.

A list of approved candidates should be displayed in each interval, between the tests. And those who are approved may continue on the selection.

Initial hints to be prepared for the Comprehensive Language Assessment (English/French)

* Get something to eat and drink with you: In countries where there are many candidates to do the SAAT examination, it is expected an understandable delay in the timetable, because the instructors are dealing with lots of data. Don't let hunger beat you in this important day.

* Get used to different accents: tests usually have different accents. Some words you easily recognize within your group of friends may not seem the same in an African or Asian accent, for example. Try to listen different accents from as much sources as possible, so you will not be surprised in the real test.

Latelly, the Police Division made an effort to enhance the quality of the audio in the AMS exam. The new audios are easier to understand, with more vocal gaps between words and a preference for British English accent.
Check out your listening skills in the simulated AMS exams.