FPU assessment - FPU exam

In United Nations System, a Formed Police Unit (FPU) is a team of 140 police officers, which is deployed as a group, who undertake crowd control, protect UN staff and material and escort UN personnel when they must visit insecure regions of a mission area.

For example, some of the current deployed FPUs around the globe are from Nepal, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Rwanda and Indonesia.

The assessment for FPU is different from the assessment for Individual Police Officers.

In the FPU assessment, not all the members of the FPU should pass in the language test, but only those in key positions like commanders/supervisors and staff officers.

Who in the FPU must have proven language (English/French) skills?

ANSWER: The FPU Commander, the Deputy Commander, the Platoon Commanders, as well as the Operations Officer, the Liaison Officer, the Logistics Officer and the Duty Officers will speak fluently, read easily, and write clearly in the working language, generally either English or French. (depends on the mission)

This UN SAAT exam applied for the FPUs is known as Assessment of Capability, but few people know this term and this test is also called as SAAT exam.

You can find the official UN guide about FPU assessment in the link below: