Police Words - Vocabulary for SAAT - AMS

Having general knowledge of English is good, but not enough for SAAT / AMS.
You need to learn police words. In other words, the words that you use daily as a police officer, because:

1) In the language assessment, there are lots of them;
2) During the interview, when you will be talking about your job, you will need to use them.

So our team prepared some lessons that will help you on learning new police words.

Don't lose your time:

Start lesson 01 NOW!


What to do in report writing (Time sequence tips)

Once you finished answering the reading test, start taking notes with time reference. This will help you a lot when writing your report. One piece of paper usually is not enough to write down everything you will listen to. So, if you don’t put the time the facts happen, you can get lost in your own notes.

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