United Nations opens unprecedent position in Seychelles

Have you ever heard about paradise on Earth? Well, that surely should be Seychelles, and United Nations is currently seeking for a very lucky and competent person to work there.

The position

The United Nations Development Programme recently opened an International Consultant position in Seychelles, an amazingly beautiful country comprising an archipelago of 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A dream trip, all paid by U.N.

The International consultant will work under the supervision of the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC), in close collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. As of any other consultant positions, the job is classified as a temporary contract, in the subcategory of "Individual contractor". The acronym that UNDP uses for these vacancies is IICA (International Individual Contractor).


The duties includes, for example, technical analysis of Seychelles economy, which is highly dependent on imported oil.

It's obviously not an easy task, and a Master of Science Degree in Finance is required to apply, as well as excellent English Communication skills.

Feel that you or any or your friends may apply for the vacancy? Share it and let the world know about it.

Link for the job vacancy: