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If you're looking for job opportunities in United Nations you came to the right place. Our aim is to provide up-to-date and accurate information on U.N. job lists, spread around different UN agencies websites.

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New York, Geneva, Nairobi, Brindisi, Entebbe, Vienna, Juba, Khartoum, Montreal, Santiago, etc.

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Administration, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Humanitarian Affairs, Legal Affairs, Medical, Public Information and more

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Internships, Professionals (University degree), Directors, General Staff (GS), National Openings (NO and NPO), Temporary Contracts (TC), etc.

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United States, Kenya, Switzerland, Canada, Haiti, Mali and so on

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274 jobs

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UNEP, OCHA, OHRM, OIOS, Office of Legal Affairs, ICSC, UNICEF, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, etc

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You can also search by specific keywords, to look for jobs that match your qualifications. For example, if you have working knowledge in Excel, you can type "Excel" in the box below and check which vacancies require spreadsheet experience.

Work for the United Nations

If you want a job where you can make a big difference and which has a lot of job satisfaction, then you may have considered working for the UN. Any role in this area will lead to you helping to keep peace across the world and would certainly be a very valuable job. You would be able to feel a lot of pride in what you do and will be able to make a big and significant difference to the world. We can help you to find a role in the UN and make sure that it matches up with your skills and interests.

There are many UN jobs out there, but it is not always that easy to find out more about them. This is why we have put together a detailed list of the current UN vacancies. You will be able to then see what is currently available and whether there is any work in UN that will suit you.

To make it easier, we have a UN job search facility. This means that you can more easily filter through the jobs to find one that will suit you. It is possible to look at jobs according to the type of job (such as HR, finance, admin, medical etc), to search by category (such as director, temporary job, internship etc), by country, office or by duty station. This means that it is a lot easier to find the jobs that you are interested in.

As a team, we know a lot about working for the UN or in this sort of industry. This means that we understand where to find the relevant job listings and we place those all in one place on our website. We also have a link so that you can go to the relevant place to apply online. This makes the whole job search and application process much easier and means that you should more easily be able to find the job of your dreams. Imagine what a difference you could make if you get a job in peace keeping and how much satisfaction and pride you could have in yourself and your friends and family would have in you. Not many people get a chance to make a difference like this in the job that they do and you have the opportunity to do exactly this if you find a job with the UN.