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External recruitment. Vacancy announced in World Bank careers website, reference number 180048.

Gross annual salary: Not specified

Deadline: 25-Jan-2018

World Bank Group Context Innovation and partnership bond the five institutions of the World Bank Group (WBG): the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), which together form the World Bank; the International Finance Corporation (IFC); the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA); and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The World Bank Group is one of the world's largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. It uses financial resources and extensive experience to help member countries reduce poverty, increase economic growth, and improve quality of life. To ensure that countries can access the best global expertise and help generate cutting-edge knowledge, the World Bank Group is constantly seeking to improve the way it works. Key priorities include delivering measurable results, promoting openness and transparency in development, and improving access to development information and data. In the context of the World Bank's broad development agenda, the Legal Vice Presidency (LEGVP), under the Senior Vice President and Group General Counsel, is responsible for providing legal support to internal and external World Bank clients on operational, advisory and corporate matters. LEGVP provides legal services required by the World Bank and plays an active role in all the World Bank's activities. In addition, LEGVP helps to ensure that all World Bank's activities comply with the institution's Articles of Agreement, as well as its operational policies and procedures. Organizationally, LEGVP includes: (i) geographically-based regional Operational practice groups, devoted to the legal and policy aspects of the World Bank's lending operations, (ii) the Structural Finance practice group (LEGSG), which handles complex World Bank transactional operations, including World Bank guarantees to mobilize private capital for infrastructure development, (iii) the Operational Policy practice group (LEGOP), the Environmental & International Law practice group (LEGEN) and the Development Finance practice group (LEGDF), and (iv) Corporate practice groups, which provide advice on corporate finance, administrative and institutional matters for the World Bank. The Chief Counsel manages the work of the Institutional Administrative Group and lawyers. The Institutional Administration Practice Group (LEGIA) provides a wide-range of legal advice to a diverse array of clients throughout the Bank Group. LEGIA represents the Bank in external litigation, ensuring the protection of the Bank’s privileges and immunities. LEGIA also represents Bank Group management in internal employment litigation by preparing written pleadings. It advises Bank Group management on ethics and employment matters, including compliance with the Staff Rules and Principles of Staff Employment as well as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. LEGIA acts as counsel to the Board of Directors on personnel and administration matters, primarily through the Human Resources Committee and the Committee on Governance and Administrative Matters, as well as the Board Ethics Committee. LEGIA provides legal advice on a variety of matters throughout the Bank and, with respect to some matters, IFC, MIGA and ICSID. LEGIA also advises the Bank Group’s Corporate Procurement Unit on procurement matters. It advises the General Services Department on real estate as well as other matters. It acts as counsel on a variety of intellectual property issues, including trademark infringement, trademark registration, and copyright, as well as emerging social media issues. It also advises the Bank’s Human Resources Vice Presidency on the formulation of employment, compensation and benefits policies and the application of those policies to specific cases. Unit lawyers play a major role in advising on issues relating to information security, including cyber security and data protection matters. The Chief Counsel (IA) will also serve as a resource to other unit lawyers on institutional policy and practice. The incumbent will report to the Senior Vice President/Group General Counsel. The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 4 year term appointment.

The Chief Counsel is accountable to the Senior Vice President & General Counsel. She/he will be accountable for performing the responsibilities, modeling behaviors and maintaining his or her technical competencies in his or her capacity as a member of the Legal Department’s Management Team. Accountability means being answerable for managing quality, risks, results, institutional initiatives, and compliance with Bank policies and procedures. The Chief Counsel is furthermore accountable for the delivery of the assigned work program. She/he will play a key role in safeguarding the interests of the institution providing advice on institutional policy and practice. Specific duties and accountabilities include: The Chief Counsel will function as LEGIA’s senior-most advisor on a broad range of institutional and governance matters. Specifically, the Chief Counsel will be expected to: • Manage the work of lawyers in LEGIA as well as to provide support and substantive guidance to them in all areas of unit’s practice. This will include legal advice and services on a variety of issues, including many of first impression, throughout the World Bank Group, including the Regional Vice Presidencies, the HR Vice Presidency, the ITS vice presidency, the General Services Department, the ECR Vice Presidency, as well as to IFC, MIGA and ICSID regarding institutional administration areas as needed. • Provide advice to the Corporate Secretariat to Board Committees on Human Resources, Governance and Administrative Matters, and Ethics matters, as well as represent the SVP & GC at meetings of these committees. • Independently handle and provide seasoned advice to HR Business Partners as well as Line Managers on complex personnel management cases, drawing on a deep understanding of HR Rules and Policies and Practices. • Independently handle and provide seasoned advice to line managers on conflict resolution matters, including explanation of the conflict resolution system and advice on case strategy in matters before the Ombudsman, Peer Review, Mediation Services, and WBAT. • Provide mature and seasoned advice to the HR Vice Presidency and others on major organizational changes, including reorganizations and restructurings and changes to staffing levels. • Manage outside counsel on litigation matters, formulate legal strategy and direction to be provided to outside counsel, work with outside counsel to find effective legal solutions to real estate transactions globally as well as settlement of legal disputes as appropriate. • Work with tact and diplomacy to forge consensus on establishment agreements, both among World Bank Group entities and with government counterparts. • Develop good understanding of international best practice in the various practice areas of the unit, including UN and IFI best practices in human resource management and conflict resolution, and IT management (e.g. cloud computing). • Develop good client relations, demonstrated ability to resolve differences across boundaries, find common ground, and understand the needs and concerns not only of the World Bank as an institution but also of the various units within the Bank as well as of third parties. • Serve as coach and mentor staff in LEGIA, help model and foster sense of unit mission and team identity, contribute to the creation of a collegial team environment that is mutually supportive and results-oriented. • People/Talent Management accountabilities. Manages LEGIA’s staff, including enabling staff to effectively carry out the assigned work program and actively promoting career development opportunities. Manages and oversees the engagement of technical consultants. • Resource Management accountabilities. Effectively manages the budget of the Unit in a resource-constrained environment; ensures effective formulation of the unit’s budget proposal, input into budget decisions and managing the unit’s financial resources effectively and efficiently. • Relationship Management accountabilities (internal and external). Provides ongoing representation of the Bank and outreach to key stakeholders. Keeps the Unit members abreast of key stakeholder dialogue. • Contributes to LEG strategic priorities and issues beyond the scope of the Unit, actively participates in the development and implementation of LEG new Business Model. • Support and implement the LEG VP change agenda, and inspire in others support and enthusiasm for the change agenda. The work program will involve frequent interaction with the following: • HR Business Partners and Managers, as well as Policy Officers and Case Managers. • Regional and Global Practices staff, including Vice Presidents, Chief Administrative Officers, Country Directors and Country Managers. • Outside counsel for the World Bank, regarding litigation matters, real estate transactions, and third party disputes, and legal advice on possible institutional actions. • Other GSD, HSD, Corporate Security and Controllers staff. • Officials in Government and other international organizations. • Internal Conflict Resolution staff, including Ombudsman, Mediation Services, Peer Review Services, and Administrative Tribunal staff. • Transaction counterparts, including opposing counsel, commercial entities, media representatives, and civil society. • Colleagues within the Legal Vice Presidency as well as counterpart lawyers in ICSID, MIGA, and the IFC.

• J.D., LLM or other terminal law degree with approximately 10-12 year - overall experience, with a strong grasp of the institution’s privileges, immunities and the ramifications of agreements on Bank operations. • Strong people management skills; ability to inspire, generate and sustain staff commitment to technical excellence and to foster a collaborative work environment, while setting standards and exercising hands-on quality control. • Outstanding interpersonal, diplomatic and partnership skills required for building and maintaining collaborative relationships with senior government officials, partners and stakeholders from the public and private sectors. • Strong communication skills, both written and oral, including the ability to present well by articulating legal concepts and frameworks clearly is crucial to success in this role, as is good judgement, discretion and the ability to think on one’s feet. • Superior level of resourcefulness, ability to work with considerable autonomy as well as willingness to work under pressure Fluency in English, both written and oral, is required, with competency in French and/or Spanish to be considered an advantage. Required Competencies: Core Competencies • Client Orientation: Builds linkages across boundaries for optimal performance. • Drive for Results: Facilitates and impacts results across units. • Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion: Leverages capabilities of others within and across boundaries. • Knowledge, Learning and Communication: Produces and disseminates knowledge products to create added value. • Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making: Provides leadership in analytical decision making across boundaries. Bank Managerial Competencies • Courage of your Convictions: Outstanding WBG managers demonstrate the confidence in their convictions and the integrity to express themselves to peers and superiors even if it is easier or more comfortable to refrain from speaking up. They have the confidence, balanced with humility and judgment, to operate with the intent of doing what is right for the WBG and its clients. GH Behavior Anchor: Promotes and role models speaking with candor. • Leading the Team for Impact: Outstanding WBG managers focus on the WBG purpose and mission in order to provide on-going clarity and vision to their teams. They align capabilities and resources around the WBG mission. They create an energizing and empowering work environment where people are engaged and have the resources necessary to do their jobs, while holding team members accountable for results and improvement. GH Behavior Anchor: Drives sustained team performance. • Influencing Across Boundaries: Outstanding WBG managers persuade, convince and create buy-in for ideas and initiatives in order to advance their own goals and strategies, consistent with the WBG mission and vision. GH Behavior Anchor: Persuades indirectly. • Fostering Openness to New Ideas: Outstanding WBG managers create open and innovative climates for the people around them. They are transparent, open to divergent views and encouraging of these attributes in others. They promote broad thinking and frank discussion, welcoming others’ input into the decision-making process, and they build on others’ ideas. GH Behavior Anchor: Cultivates diversity and inclusivity • Building Talent for the Future: Outstanding WBG managers build people’s capabilities for the future by supporting and leveraging the diversity of staff in terms of their race, gender, nationality, cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. They create growth opportunities for others, encouraging them to stretch beyond their current experience or comfort zone. They provide ongoing feedback and development, including long term career development and mentoring, as well as hold their team members accountable for developing others. GH Behavior Anchor: Stretches Others

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