UNRWA opens new rosters to find professionals to work in Syria refugee crisis

Humanitarian, Security, Finance and Human resources officers are some of the internationally recruited positions. UNRWA aims to increase their number of workers at the very beginning of 2016. Deadline for applications is 31 December 2015.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine refugees in the Near East recently opened various professional vacancies (commonly known as "P positions") to fill their current vacant positions.

This is quite normal. The difference this time is that they also opened various roster positions, with deadline by 31 December, aiming to fill new vacancies by 2016.

Why not to recruit right away?

This is a common question between candidates for humanitarian jobs. If there is an emergency, why not to open all needed vacancies and start working as soon as possible?

And the answer here is related to the financial planning and accountability of United Nations and its agencies. The money that shall be spent during one financial year is approved in the previous one. For example, the money that is being executed by U.N. in 2015 was planned ahead in 2014. Of course there are specific funds that can be used overnight in very specific cases but this is not the general rule for United Nations.

Rosters aim to create a pool of talents

Having a roster means that UN will spend less time in recruitment process, once all "rostered" candidates meet the minimum criteria.

Recruited personnel are expected to work directly with the current crisis in Syria, coordinating efforts with other UN agencies (such as UNHCR), and several NGOs that are already working in the field.

Current UNRWA positions

Job title Grade Duty Station Country Gross annual salary
Experts Roster- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SSA AMMAN Jordan Not specified
Head, Service Delivery Section P-4 AMMAN Jordan $131,059.52
Experts Roster - Public Information SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
Experts Roster - Fundraising SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
Humanitarian Response Officer (Finance) (re-advertised) P-3 DAMASCUS Syria $102,014.31
Experts Roster - Legal Services SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
Senior Field Security Officer P-4 DAMASCUS Syria $124,114.79
Projects and Resources Manager P-4 AMMAN Jordan $131,059.52
Chief, Information Management Division P-5 AMMAN Jordan $159,193.86
Experts Roster - Finance SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
Experts Roster - Private Partnerships SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
Experts Roster - Human Resources Management SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
SAP Applications Coordinator (Human Resources Management) P-4 AMMAN Jordan $131,059.52
15-HQ-AM-50 (For internal applications only) P-4 AMMAN Jordan $131,059.52
Experts Roster - Internal Oversight (Audit, Evaluation, Inv SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
15-HQ-AM-51 (For internal applications only) P-4 AMMAN Jordan $131,059.52
Field Safety Support Officer P-2 DAMASCUS Syria $83,674.85
Experts Roster - Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified
Director of Human Resources D-2 AMMAN Jordan $210,603.46
Experts Roster - Organizational Development SSA VARIOUS --- Not specified


The rosters are at the same levels of current professional (P) vacancies. Therefore payment is expected to range from P-2 to P-4 payments, depending on the experience required.

How to apply

Applications should be done in UNRWA website and the workflow is quite confusing if you never applied before to any U.N. position. In few words, you will be required to create a user account at UNRWA recruitment system and submit your working information online.

UNRWA as a minimal guide about applications in this link: http://jobs.unrwa.org/How-To-Apply.htm

That's it for today.

Be a Peacekeeper Team.


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