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United Nations is a huge and complex clustered organization. There are lots of separated organs that actually don't communicate with each other in the tactical level, but only in the strategic. That's why, when we make a simple search for United Nations on Internet, and start browsing their websites, it seems for us that everything is so different. Give it a try, visit the official sites of UNESCO, UNICEF and WFP, for example.

Thus, administrative structures are separated, as well as job postings and recruitment process. The most famous United Nations job platform is Inspira, but there are several others out there. Recruitments process goes from sending direct email to a human resources department, or either completing an online complex curriculum in Inspira or Galaxy's databases.

Also, none of the UN websites with job openings state the salary you will be receiving once contracted. One of the reasons is that the Post Adjustment Index varies through the year, therefore an exact amount is not shown.

Via algorithms, though, it is possible to calculate an estimated expected salary, and we believe this is a very important information for future candidates.

We created this algorithm for you! (Yes, everything is correct, if you want to check all this information you can go manually to ICSC website and check all their spreadsheets). So you will not lose time browsing the web for these vacancies, they are all here.

We disclose, however, that we give you the path to the application websites. We do not receive any applications. We can help you with some tips but our main service is to be the best U.N. search engine out there.

We hope that you liked our system and give us your support, by browsing and sharing this info with your friends and colleagues.

By Duty Station

New York, Geneva, Nairobi, Brindisi, Entebbe, Vienna, Juba, Khartoum, Montreal, Santiago, etc.

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By Job Family

Administration, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Humanitarian Affairs, Legal Affairs, Medical, Public Information and more

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By Category

Internships, Professionals (University degree), Directors, General Staff (GS), National Openings (NO and NPO), Temporary Contracts (TC), etc.

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